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My first blog post of 2016 and why I waited 11 days to write it.

For those of us who are trying to create a business and use online marketing as a tool, one of the top 5 rules is to be consistent in your presence. Ie, to post regularly. Maintain your momentum. Well, we are 7 work days (11 days) into 2016 and this is my first post. Continue reading

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We all make mistakes. Here is one of mine.

To err is human. But then why do we feel so crappy when we make mistakes? Continue reading

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Blame it on the Brain

The purpose of this blog is in part, to talk about how I am trying to stay sane in a hectic world. Last week, I let my mini-figure help. This week, my family and I are in Rio de Janeiro … Continue reading

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How going outside with a camera helped clear my inner fog.

I posted a photo album to my personal Facebook page a few weeks ago and it has had more likes and comments than almost anything else I have ever posted (save for a few pictures of my kids and some stories about … Continue reading

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Honey is liquid gold!

I went with my son’s class on a field trip last week to a bee farm.  We LOVE honey in our house (apples and honey are a favorite dessert!) and as a self-described science nerd, I knew that this was going … Continue reading

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