Cucumber-Pepper G&T

Spice up your Gin & Tonics with a few slices of cucumbers and a dash of pepper!


A few weeks ago, I was with one of my witches-in-crime Jennifer at the monthly Cocktails & Conversations gathering with the Bordeaux Women’s Club. As hosts, we get to pick the locale and Jen picked a real winner with L’Alchemiste in centre ville Bordeaux.   Jen ordered a G&T, an American classic. But, as we should have come to expect, everything here is Frenchified (Jen even writes a blog about it). The cocktail came with slices of cucumbers and white peppercorns! After talking to the bartender/owner, we got the recipe and, today, I gave it a try at home to celebrate having finished our US and French tax returns!  This one is aloe-free but I’m sure I can fix that with a little experimenting. 😉

Cucumber-Pepper Gin & Tonic

  • 1oz gin of choice (I’m a Bombay Sapphire girl!)
  • 3oz tonic water
  • 2-3 slices of cucumber
  • 5 white peppercorns (or a dash of ground pepper)
  • twist of lime
  • ice

In a whiskey glass, pour the tonic water over cucumber slices and pepper.  Add gin, lime juice, and ice then stir gently.  Top with a slice of lime to serve.

Note: The bartender told us he salted the cucumbers first to dehydrate them.  He lets them sit for a few hours. Then rinses off the salt. This allows the cucumbers to absorb more of the flavors in the drink. He also cracks the peppercorns before putting them in the shaker. I decided to make this drink on the spur-of-the-moment so I just added fresh slices and ground pepper.


About forevertoujoursaloe

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, english teacher, entrepreneur, volunteer active listener, and former genetic counselor living the expat life in Bordeaux, France. I'm trying to live a healthy, happy life through diet, exercise, self awareness, and self care. Wine helps and so does aloe (sometimes in the same glass!)
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